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Friends, relatives of suicide victims are bound in grief

Friends, relatives of suicide victims are bound in grief

  H ope was the theme of the day, but unremitting pain was the backdrop when friends and family members of suicide victims gathered in a Culver City park on Saturday for their annual summer potluck. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: So many times, we forget the survivors who mourn the loss of suicide victim.  This pain and loss leads to multiple issues in their own recovery.  Grief counseling is essential for many who go through this sad time in their life. In some cases, the family feels guilt.  In other cases, there is blame.  It is important to


Andy Whitfield and His Fight with Death

A Gladiator Who Fought Cancer and Died with Dignity Andy Whitfield, the actor in the Sparticus from Starz, represented on the screen a strong and powerful leader who would lead a slave rebellion against the powers of Rome, in real life, he was a strong and powerful father who would lead his own fight against cancer.  Unfortunately, like Sparticus, Andy also while defying the odds, fell victim to defeat.  Yet as Sparticus, one cannot deny the fortitude and strength of Andy as he faced death.  In this, we can all be impressed. Nicki Gostin writes in QA: ‘Spartacus’ star Andy Whitfield’s widow making doc about