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Grief Counseling After a Traumatic Event.

Grief Counseling After a Traumatic Event.

  The morning after the deadly Boston Marathon explosions, Joyce Maguire Pavao called local hospitals and the Red Cross, rushing to find victims. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: It is truly a sad day for all of America.   When you look at 3 dead and 100+ wounded, those numbers are lying.   There are 1,000’s that are suffering.   They are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.   When experiencing a horrific situation like the one our nation just suffered, grief and bereavement can set in quickly, leaving us depressed and sad.   Some might not be able to get the


Grief Recovery: Same Direction but Different Paths

Grief Recovery: Same Direction but Different Paths

Grief Recovery To try to put grief on a timetable is impossible.  Yes, we have general calculations that differentiate complicated recovery from regular recovery, but grief is still a very subjective study.  Each person is different and grief recovery while sharing similar characteristics is also very varied from person to person. Joan Wickersham of the Boston Globe offers her opinions on the process of grief in her article, “Grief Doesn’t Have a Timeline” To read the article, please click here To learn more about grief counseling, please click here If you would like to take grief counseling courses, then please