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Those Trained In Christian Counseling Should Attend Catholic World Youth At Least Once In Their Life

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: What does Catholic World Youth Day mean to you?  Those trained in Christian Counseling should take advantage of these events and attend. World Youth Day can allow one to see the future of the church but also remind one of the universal nature of Christ’s Church as many come together from various backgrounds.  The Church of Africa or the Church from Latin America can be seen in union under one head as Christ is celebrated. It also can become a retreat in many ways, finding one’s spiritual calling and renewal.  Those trained in Christian


Christian Counseling and Lenten Ideals of Walking with Christ

Christian Counseling and Lenten Ideals There are other motifs for Lent that Christian spiritual directors can also use to portray Lent other than the image of Forty and the image of desert. One such way is viewing Lent as a time of walking with Christ, not only during his public life, but also during Christ’s passion. One then is expected to carry one’s own cross to Calvary next to our Lord. As Christians carry their crosses with Christ during Lent, they can also become like Simon who helped our Lord carry his cross. By sacrificing and offering up one’s crosses, one offers