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Wellness Coaching Diet Advice for Nurses!

Wellness Coaching Diet Advice for Nurses!

Wellness coaching can help everyone from every career field to keep in shape with a healthy diet and a good workout routine.   Nursing professionals are no different.   With busy shifts and stressful work loads, diet concerns are not top on the list of many nurses.   Most of the time nurses are more worried about if they eat as opposed to what they eat.   Fear not health care industry’s front line fighters, health coaching has a few tips to bust your bad eating habits and not your waist lines! By Alice Burron From Nurse Together Wellness Coaching Dietary Tips for Nursing


Wellness Coaching: What Not To Say To Dieters

Wellness coaching or health coaching is not just all about proper diet and exercise.   It is about a proper mental health image as well.   Keeping this positive mentality is important and key to permanent weight loss. However things we say can have a negative impact as well.   Health care coaches have come up with a list of things you should not say to someone who is trying to lose weight: From Health.com Wellness Coaching: What Not To Say To Dieters What’s the worst thing anyone ever said to you when you were trying to lose weight? That’s the question we