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The First Real Hospital Visit

My son is going to be five this coming October. For the last year of his life, he has been having pretty severe headaches. At first, he did not really know how to tell us what was wrong. He would just get really grumpy and close his eyes a lot. He would want to sleep, which is not usually like

A nurse case manager can help
A nurse case manager can help

him. After a few of these episodes, we figured out that he was having headaches. We took him to his primary care doctor because we were worried. He has having them about once a week at that time, and that is pretty often. Well, the doctor admitted him to the hospital for some testing. OurĀ nurse case manager was really nice and understood that it was the first time I had really put a kid in the hospital. They helped us through the whole process and it was really not too bad.

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