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The Nurse Who Reinvented Herself from Nurse Together

After working in my chosen area of obstetrics for the majority of my career, I suddenly came face to face with the reality that my life was changing. My beloved career as I knew it was draining me emotionally and physically. I began to accept the idea that I could not continue on the same path.

Staffing at my hospital was horrendously dangerous. We were seriously understaffed but were floated from our units to other areas in the hospital as the numbers game dictated. Nurses were also required to work mandatory double shifts if the need arose. No questions asked and no excuses accepted. I traveled my thirty minutes to work every day never knowing if I would return home in eight hours or sixteen hours.

My personal life was suffering. I was tired. The job, the career I had loved for so long, was becoming my nemesis. There were not enough hours in my day and now my elderly mother needed me more and more as well. The question became: do I admit her to a long term care facility or quit my job and bring her into our home?  The dilemma consumed me. The stress was overwhelming.

My heart ached the day I decided to resign from my position as a staff nurse. After 20 years in nursing and after living my dream of working with women and their babies, it was over. I was numb. I knew things would never be the same, and yet, I had no idea of the future turn of events that was about to transpire.

During the following two years, I cared for my mother as her health declined. It was a difficult time in my life but as I reflect on those days, I am so glad I made the decision to care for her myself.  I realize how blessed I was to have the option of staying home. I know not everyone has that opportunity.

As I struggled through the days and weeks as her primary (and only) caregiver, I set some important goals for myself. As a sort of self preservation tactic, I decided one of those goals was to begin writing my memoirs.

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