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The Song of Songs and What Religious and Romantic Love Truly Is

Romantic and Religious Love

King Solomon.  If you are interested in Christian Counseling, then please review

King Solomon. If you are interested in Christian Counseling, then please review

Ideals of romantic love and religious love are sometimes very mixed throughout Scripture.  The idea of love of Christ and his love of the church is interwoven with ideals of marriage.  These beautiful analogies show that love at its heart involves certain characteristics.  In the Song of Songs, the woman is reluctant to give up her love of a shepherd for the love of King Solomon.  The poetry in the book expressed her pure love.  Also it proposes a deeper theological significance of a soul’s love for Christ despite the promises of the world.  Below is an excellent synopsis on this book and on spiritual love.

Pastor Glen Pease writes about romantic love and religious love and its relation to the Song of Songs.  In the article “Romantic and Religious Love Based on the Song of Songs”, he gives a concise analysis of the book and the ideas on romantic and religious love.  Below is the article.

Love makes the world go round, says the one time popular song, and there are very few who will deny it. History reveals that one of life’s greatest tragedies is to die unloved. During the Civil War, Charles Sumner was assaulted in the Senate chamber, and was seriously ill for months. He regretted he had to leave his battle against slavery unfinished, but this was not his deepest pain. He wrote, “But in the midnight watches, my keenest heart-gnawing regret was that, if I were called away, I had never enjoyed the choicest experience of life, that no lips responsive to my own had said, I love you.”

For the full article, please click here.

The ideals of romantic and religious love are tied to the very fabric of human interaction and expression.  All need for counseling comes from loss of love and without an understanding of love and loss, noone can truly ever counsel.  In this respect, Christian Counselors should become well versed in this book of the Bible.

If you are interested in Christian Counseling, please review the program and click here.

Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C

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