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The Term Substance Abuse

What Does Substance Abuse Include?

Substance Abuse involves many types of drugs

Substance Abuse involves many types of drugs

The term “substance abuse” covers a very wide range of disorders. The most prominent examples are related to the abuse of illegal drugs, or the misuse of legal substances such as glue or aerosol gases. However, actions such as the use of steroids by those engaged in sports also comes under this broad heading, as does the use of an otherwise legally and socially accepted substance in a way that can cause harm to the user or society, for example, drunk driving. Since a large proportion of abused substances are addictive, it is important to understand the options available to try to resolve the problem. The suitable treatment regime will differ from person to person, and should be drawn up by, or at least with the help of, an expert in the field. In some cases, a “talking treatment” such as cognitive behavioral therapy may be recommended; in others, the emphasis might be on the use of medication.    the term substance abuse

James Gordon

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