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Top 100 Health Coaching Tips for a Healthy Summer

Summer is almost here and so are the health coaching tips to get in “beach shape”, what super food to eat to lose weight or what killing new exercise is the latest craze.    When looking for advice in the health care coaching field see if the information provided is sound.   You can know this for yourself if the health coach states lifestyle changes instead of something that promises quick results.    Health coaches will always suggest proper diet and hard work pay off in the long run.   Health coaching tips like; eat fiber it’s filling with half the calories, eat fresh fruit instead of dried, and drink plenty of water instead of soda.    All of these tips are designed to get you to change your lifestyle instead of eating a miracle super food.    For a full 100 item list of things you might want to consider doing this summer please review below:

a picture of a wooden path leading down to the beach

Proper diet and exercise is the only health coaching advice you need!

By Cheryl Forberg, RD
From Huffington Post

There’s no better motivation than swimsuit season to get your body in gear for the beach. Sure, a fabulous pedicure and spray tan can work wonders, but there’s not much you can do to conceal bulges or jiggles once you’re wearing that itsy bitsy bikini.

It’s time to fast track to get your body in peak fat-burning condition. By combining the right foods and beverages and amplifying your workouts, your bod will be in head-turning shape all summer long. Follow these simple steps to help achieve the sexy summer you.

For the full article please go here.

Following health coaching advice does not have to be hard.   If you were to following just 10 of the tips on this 100 item list then you would be making a change for the better.

If you want to learn more about health care life coaching then you might want to give our page a look.



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