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Unique Stress Reduction Tips

A businss man in a karate stance

Quit fighting stress at work. Relax with these tips.

We have all heard about common stress reduction techniques such as take 5 minutes to yourself and breathing exercises.   However have you ever heard of eating a probiotic to reduce stress?  How about using a lower wattage light bulb?   These are some out of the box ways of handling stress.    If you want to read more about them please review below:

By Mandy Oaklander
From Prevention News

Stress Reduction Tips

In one of the most comprehensive and longterm studies even done about stress in the United States, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University polled 2,000 adults in 1983, 2006, and 2009. Their results, published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, showed that women reported higher levels of stress than any other group, surpassing even low-income individuals. And over the 26-year span of the study, stress among all groups rose 10-30%.

Who knew eating yogurt could lead to stress reduction?   It is good to see more effort is being put into combating stress.   What other ways will they think up next?

A strawberry yogurt smoothie

Who knew stress relief could taste so good?

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