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Wellness Coaching Diet Advice for Nurses!

A female nurse standing with a clipboard

Nurses have enough to worry about. They shouldn't worry about their weight.

Wellness coaching can help everyone from every career field to keep in shape with a healthy diet and a good workout routine.   Nursing professionals are no different.   With busy shifts and stressful work loads, diet concerns are not top on the list of many nurses.   Most of the time nurses are more worried about if they eat as opposed to what they eat.   Fear not health care industry’s front line fighters, health coaching has a few tips to bust your bad eating habits and not your waist lines!

By Alice Burron
From Nurse Together

Wellness Coaching Dietary Tips for Nursing Professionals

Nurses, are you tired and hungry after a long shift but don’t feel like cooking? You can always stop at that fast food restaurant on the way home and in within a few minutes have hot, inexpensive and satisfying food. Hmmm, so good!As you eat the last of the fries in the bag, never mind that your meal was high in calories, fat and sodium, and incredibly low in nutritional value. It provided instant gratification, which, of course, is an important link to form habits.

For the full article please go here.

These options given in the article still might not be the best wellness coaching approved options to eat but when you are hungry and on a break, “any port in the storm” applies.   Another suggestion would be have a fruit basket (If you are allowed) at your station.   Something like a banana or an apple can be eaten quickly and is a lot better for you than french fries.

If you are interested in health care coaching and would like to learn more about the subject then you should go to our website for more information.

A pile of fruit.

Anyone of these would be a better option that something fried.




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