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When you meditate can it help your brain?

Meditation can help the mind

Meditation can help the mind

Numerous studies have shown, when you meditate it is actually helps with your brain’s health. They have shown relief from stress, anxiety and depression to thought clarity and increased  endorphins are a direct cause from meditating.  It is clear that meditation should be an everyday practice.   However still not a lot of people find time to meditate.    If you are one of these people, perhaps you should read an article by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, M.D. from Foodconsumer.com.

How your brains reacts when you meditate.

Published Studies Prove Numerous Benefits of Meditation
Over the years, published research has demonstrated that the practice of regular meditation can increase brain density, boost connections between neurons, decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety, provide clarity of thought, and increase positive mood endorphins. Other published studies have shown meditation can improve physical functioning, decrease chronic disease risks, and enhance overall quality of life. These studies demonstrate that regular meditation effectively supports mental, emotional and physical health in numerous tangible ways. In building upon this strong body of evidence, researchers are continuing to deepen our understanding of the profound and inspirational benefits of regular meditation practice in everyday life.
For the full article please go here.

Learning to meditate can be easy.   There is no need for any special tools.   All you really need is the willingness to learn and a few minutes a day.   If you want to learn more about meditation you should go to our meditation homepage.



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