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Workshops for Autism, Crisis Intervention

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Great article showing how one county is helping the community be better prepared for crisis intervention.   When we think of a crisis, we automatically image a suicide jumper or a hostage situation.   However what happens when it is non-violent or a special needs child is involved?

Special needs children can pose a unique problem for untrained officers and first responders.   Not fully understanding how someone acts with a mental condition can lead to misuse of force or unneeded actions.    It is important that crisis intervention programs also include non-violent and mentally handicap educational sections as well.   Proper crisis training should cover a wide range of situations.

Lucky for us all there are crisis invention courses that can help train us.   For more information please visit our webpage.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention is not just about criminals or the mentally insane. Many people with handicaps need help as well.


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