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Zen Meditation and Social Media

business woman meditating

A business woman making time for her Zen Meditation

Zen meditation is the basic practice of meditating.   It is the essential way everyone thinks how you must meditate.    Basically it is simply picking a comfortable spot on the floor, closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing.    What you do after that is up to you.   However in our busy social media driven world, are we losing our meditation time because we are busy checking in or posting something on facebook.    When should we say enough is enough and put down our smart phone, take a seat and just meditate?    Below is an article where the author suggests just that!   Take time out of your day to unplug from social media.

By Peter Sterlacci
From Business 2 Community

Zen Meditation and How to Step Away from Social Media

I have been grateful for the role social media has played in my life. It has helped me to launch my business, connect with amazing thought leaders, and express my personal brand. It has become part and parcel of daily life – but perhaps too much. Time I could have spent meditating or even just enjoying the present moment has been replaced with tweets, likes, comments, +1s, pins, etc.I can’t even imagine how many times I pull my iPhone out of my pocket to check-in.

So I felt an urge, almost a calling, to bring meditation back into my daily routine. My life used to be less stressful and much more balanced when I disconnected myself for 25 minutes every morning and evening. I wanted this back. I needed this back. It was time to get off the grid, meditate for 5-days, and just stay away from anything and everything having to do with social media, blogging, and personal branding!

For the full article please go here.

Zen meditation can only help you if you make time to do it each day.   Finding time to meditate can be as easy as first thing when you wake up or right before you go to bed.   Because like the author suggests it is important to disconnect yourself from social media and listen to the tweets of the natural world.

For more information on meditation please feel free to visit our website.

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