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HT 550


The Electronic Health Record: A Primer


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The world of healthcare is changing especially so in the light of an estimated 30 million new patients that will be added to the healthcare system. Most of them will be tended to by Family Doctors (including internists and pediatricians). Primary care practices typically measure productivity according to the number of visits, which also drives payment (which is less than half the money earned by specialists).    An Electronic Health Record system is a computer system which organizes patient medical records in electronic form and provides an efficient way to deliver patient demographic and clinical information to physicians and hospital based clinical staff to render care. Electronic Health Record is a strong initiative in the Healthcare Reform Bill with incentives and grants to create a better, error free and efficient healthcare system in the U.S.  Prof. Dey discusses the foundation, operations, structure, benefits and pitfalls of these systems which are essential knowledge for any healthcare professional and students. Electronic Health Records – Bringing Efficiency to Primary Care.  RevenueXL.com©. Course Code: HT 550. Contact hours of education = 40.

Prerequisite: This program is open only to health care professionals who are currently licensed to practice in their state or country, or other candidates who can verify two or more years of practice experience directly related to health care information technologies. To enroll in this course you must be able to meet one of the defined prerequisites.

You must also have successfully completed the course: HT 540 prior to enrolling in this course.

This course is specifically designed for those qualifying professionals who are studying to meet the education requirements for application for certification as a Certified Health Care Technology Specialist, by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. For Certification Information: access here.

BOARD APPROVALS: AIHCP is an approved provider of continuing education by the Florida Board of Nursing and the District of Columbia Board of Nursing. CE Provider # 50-11975. The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. is a licensed Continuing Education Provider in the State of California, Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15595.

Instructor/Course Author:  Suken Dey, Ph.D

Bio: Dr. Sukhen Dey serves as an Adjunct Faculty of Computing Science and Informatics, Adjunct to Masters of Liberal Studies at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana and a former Adjunct to Masters of Health care Leadership, Park University, St. Louise, Missouri. He holds a doctorate degree in Interdisciplinary Science, an Education Specialist degree in Higher Education and an MBA, all from the University of Louisville. He has extensive experience in systems analysis and design, database development, customer and employee survey analysis, statistical analysis and continuous quality measurement systems. He has published numerous articles in his areas of expertise and presented at several national and international conferences. Dr. Dey has over twenty years of experience consulting with national and international corporations in information technology, medical informatics, market research, systems analysis, predictive modeling, customer satisfaction and human resources data systems.  Dr. Dey has applied his continuous quality tracking models to health care, insurance, banking and higher education. He is the founder of Deyta, Inc., (Deyta.com) a Louisville, Kentucky company specializing in performance measurement systems as well as President of Strategic Wisdom, specializing in Distance Learning, Curriculum design, Systems analysis and Design, Data Mining and Predictive Analysis.  Dr. Dey is a life member of Cambridge Who’s Who Registry. He is a Recipient, President’s Order of Merit Republican Congressional Committee, 2006. He is an Author, Speaker, Consultant and Editor

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E-mail: s.dey@insightbb.com

Course Demo: Please access this link to preview a course demostration. This demonstration provides you with an abstract of how the courses are designed by Dr. Dey. Please click here.

TIME FRAME:You are allotted two years from the date of enrollment, to complete all of the required courses in this specialty program. There are no set time-frames, other than the two year allotted time. If you do not complete the course within the two-year time-frame, you will be removed from the course and an "incomplete" will be recorded for you in our records. Also, if you would like to complete the course after this two-year expiration time, you would need to register and pay the course tuition fee again.


There are no required purchased textbooks for this course. All course/study materials, including written lectures, accompanying reading assignments and online videos are provided.

Learning Methods

Students will utilized online lectures, videos and various links to associated web articles and presentations.

GRADING: You must achieve a passing score of at least 70% to complete this course and receive the 40 hours of awarded continuing education credit. There are no letter grades assigned. You will receive notice of your total % score. Those who score below the minimum of 70% will be contacted by the us and options for completing additional course work to achieve a passing score, will be presented.

ONLINE COMMUNITY MESSAGE BOARDS: Enrolled students have full access to our online Student Community Message Boards. These message boards allow students in our CE courses to meet each other, communicate online, share information, discuss topics of study and interest and much more. Full access is provided via the online classroom.

Course Objectives

Upon Completion of this Course students will:

  1. Demonstrate a basic understanding, definitions and use of Electronic Health Record in healthcare.
  2. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the benefits of Electronic Health Record and integrated healthcare.
  3. Demonstrate a basic understanding of typical EHR modules rendering patient health related electronic data such as demographic, medical history, problems and treatments, document assignment / sharing, messaging and other aspects of Electronic Health Record systems.
  4. Articulate an overall understanding of Connected Health.
  5. Gain familiarity with common terminologies in an EHR setting.
  6. Articulate important factors that impact a successful EHR implementation.


  • Introduction to Electronic Health Record - Unit-1
  • What's in a word? Or, even one letter of an acronym?
  • What's the Difference between EHRs and EMRs?
  • What is meaningful use?
  • Benefits of Electronic Health Records -Watch Video
  • Introduction to Electronic Health Record - Unit-2
  • Electronic Health Record - Common Functions
  • Common Functions normally can be found in an Electronic Health Record system:
  • Access to "Mission Critical" Health Information - Video
  •  EHR Healthcare Case Study: Surinder Saini MD - iPad EMR - Video
  • Introduction to Electronic Health Record-Unit-3
  • Need for Integration and Connected Healthcare with EHR
  • An Integrated Electronic Health Record System
  • Introduction to Electronic Health Record-Unit-4
  • Overview of EHR functions
  • Login and Basic Patient Demographic Record
  • Patient List and Searching
  • Introduction to Electronic Health Record-Unit-5
  • Patient and Family Medical History
  • Problems, Allergies and Immunization Records
  • A technical clarification:
  • Introduction to Electronic Health Record-Unit-6
  • Scheduling-Patients - Scheduling-Physicians
  • Progress Notes
  • Vitals
  • The Electronic Prescribing (eRx)
  • Lab Orders
  • Patient Documents
  • Innovative Case Study on Patient Document Management
  • Messaging functions
  • A typical electronic Patient Chart View
  • Coding and Billing
  • Successful Electronic Health Record Implementation Factors
  • The Future Of... Hospitals - Video
  • A brief survey of Electronic Health Record concepts and ter
  • Successful Electronic Health Record Implementation Factors
  • The Future Of... Hospitals
  • A brief survey of Electronic Health Record concepts and terms

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