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Online resource Board


Holistic & Integrative Health Care Practice



Access information provided by clicking on the red link or links.

1. Natural Health and Healing

2. Guide to Holistic Health

3. Holisticonline.com

4. Holistic Health Links

5. Holistic Health Solutions

6. Natural Healing Remedies

7. Natural Path

8. Dr. Andrew Weil

9. Magnet Therapy

10. American Holistic Health Assoc.

11. American Holistic Medical Assoc.

12. Holistic Health Organizations

13. American Holistic Nurses Assoc.

14. Journal of Holistic Nursing

15. Holistic Nursing Practice Journal

16. Holistic Nursing Forum

17. Standards of Holistic Nursing

18. My Integrative Health

19. National Center for Complimentary/Alternative Medicine

20. Complimentary Health Care

21. Holistic Seek.com

22. Holistic Medicine Directory

23. Holistic Care Foundation

24. Nursing Journals.

25. LPN Tornbridge

26. RN to BSN.org

If you would like to have an upcoming seminar, conference, new book release or other news posted, please submit your request to: info@aihcp.org  All requests are screened for appropriateness and usefulness of information for readers of the resource boards. No guarantee of submitted requests for posting are implied.