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Vagrant License Agreement

In addition, to accept the license in CI or other automatisms, the user can create an empty file on the file system in /hab/accepted-licenses/habitat (if your commands are executed as root) or at $HOME/.hab/accepted-licenses/habitat (if your commands are executed as root). For situations where commands are executed like multiple users, it is advisable to create both files. Chef Infra Server is also distributed as a Habitat package and executed with the Habitat Supervisor. In this mode, users accept the license by setting the right habitat configuration values. The key is chef_license.acceptance. 3. Resignation. All licenses will be 30 days (ten in case of non-payment and immediately in case of violation of Section 1) after notification of a violation of this agreement by the licensee who is not cured at the end of this notice. A licence also expires at the expiry of an applicable licence period on the company`s price list or on another licence period for the product concerned, as the company expressly agreed, provided that a free evaluation licence has in all cases a licence term of no more than ninety (90) days. Following a termination, the licensee will immediately cease to use all the products concerned and will return or destroy all copies of all the products concerned and all their parts, thus certifying to the company. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, the terms of each termination will be maintained. The termination is not an exclusive remedy and all other remedies will be available, whether the termination is or not.

Alternatively, users can specify the environment variable CHEF_LICENSE when they access one of the EBA products to accept the license. This environmental variable is ignored by non-LALA products and is therefore retrocompatible with older versions. 2. License grant. Subject to compliance with the terms of this Agreement, we herely grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license that can be revoked for the installation, execution and use of the Software during the evaluation period, only: (i) for the purpose of evaluating the acquisition of a paid license for the Software and not for the general use of production; (ii) in a development environment. The software should not be used in a live production environment in accordance with this agreement. You can only create a copy of the software for backup purposes, provided you reproduce all the copyright mentions and other property mentions that are on the original copy of the software. There is no charge for this assessment license. If you decide to use the software for production purposes, you must purchase a paid license (and accept a new agreement to do so). 1. Licensing and restrictions. Subject to applicable conditions, payment of all applicable user/use restrictions, the Entity grants the licensee an unauthorized and non-exclusive right to use the current version of the product granted only as an object code.

(“Product”) only in accordance with the company`s corresponding user documentation and only for the number of developers (“developers”) listed on the order form and/or download page, provided that each developer can use the product on two (2) computers. With the exception of a copy exclusively for backup purposes, the licensee may only hold the number of copies of a product, as expressly authorized by the company; The company reserves the right to own all copies and the licensee retains the mention of copyright and any other mention that appears on the product on copies and media. The licensee will (and will not) (i) discover a source code or underlying ideas or algorithms of a product (except to the extent, (ii) leasing, lending, advertising, use for time or service, or any other use or use of other products for the good of a product (unless express and explicit permission from the company), (iii) owns or uses a product or authorizes the transfer, transfer, export or re-export of a

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