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5 Ways to Overcome Nursing Stress

Looking for ways to stop your nursing stress?   Managing stress is becoming an important aspect the health care field.   So when simple stress management techniques are offered, it is a good idea to at least give them a quick look.   Elizabeth Scala from Nurse Together writes:

5 Ways to Fight Nursing Stress:

You arrive on your unit for a 12 hour shift. You look over the assignment before report, only to find that you have the most difficult and “heaviest” patient load yet again. You get very upset. You feel angry, hurt, and frustrated. You become “stressed”.

But what has happened here? You read the assignment and are all of a sudden stressed. Why? Well, there’s something that goes on in between the event and the feeling. And that in between experience is a thought. So you look at the assignment (event) and feel angry and frustrated (feeling). But what was it that went through your mind in between? Where were your thoughts?

For the full article please go here.

A nurse who is stressed out.

Nursing Stress Management can help fight burnout.

As nurse educators it is important to understand all aspects of the nursing field so we can in turn give this knowledge to the next generation.   Hopefully within this article you found something usefully.   If you wish to learn more about nurse patient educator training then you should visit our webpage.




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