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A Legal Nurse Consultant

A Legal Nurse Consultant

legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse that has been extensively educated and trained in the area of health care malpractice law. They come to this position with extensive backgrounds in health care, nursing and care delivery. Their health care knowledge and skills provides them a real opportunity to be of great asset in cases of malpractice. Many law firms and self-employed lawyers are seeking the services of legal nurse consultants to assist in them in preparing for litigation of cases. The nurse works to assist the lawyers in understanding medical terms and conditions and diagnostic procedures. They review patients’ medical records and also identify deviations from the standards of care. Lawyers find that they are invaluable in assisting in such cases. Their presence in the legal world is becoming more solid. More nurses are entering this field of specialization today. The curriculums for education are very intense and the nurses spend a great deal of time studying the elements of malpractice related to deviations in the standards of care.

A group of lawyers discussing a case at a table

Legal Nurse Consultants work with lawyers everyday.

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