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A Meditation Program Can Bring Excitement

A picture of several different yoga poses

Many people everyday use yoga as a form of meditation.

When you think of a meditation program,you probably think of a bunch of students in a quite room, sitting and staring at nothing.   It seems kind of boring, right?   It does not have to be.   Meditation techniques should fit the individual.    The best thing about meditation is one size does not fit all.    Everyone has their own way of getting the most out of their sessions.    If one way does not agree with you, do not give up.   Simply try another technique until you find one that you like.    An article has more on how you can eliminate the boredom from your meditation.

By Ruport Wolfe-Murray
From Huffington Post

Find Excitement With A Meditation Program

Meditation is really simple, and you don’t need to join a class or read a heavy tome (but I would recommend this cartoon guide). Just sit down for 20 minutes and concentrate on your breathing; breathe deeply and listen to your breath, and let go of your thoughts. The experts say “empty your mind,” but this is impossible for most of us (the cartoon book says we process 70,000 thoughts a day). When I sit down to meditate a crazy cacophony of ideas vie for attention, each one more urgent than the last. These ideas are like demons that need to be released into the air or they will undermine my ability to function. I acknowledge them, smile and let them drift off into the wind like so many helium-filled balloons.

For the full article please go here.

A woman holding up a bible

Prayer can be a form of meditation as well.

It is easy for us to stereotype meditation as sitting on the floor with our eyes closed.   This practice might work for some but the true is meditation can be done in just about anywhere.   Next time you are in your car at a stop light, clear your head and focus on your breathing.   Yoga is another great way to meditate.    It helps clear your mind of thoughts through your focus on your poses and forms.    Meditation techniques are all around us.

If you are interested and taking a meditation program then you might want to check out our website.



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