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ADHD Treatment Breakthrough?

A child being handed a bunch of pills for ADHD

Alternative ADHD therapy is better than drugs for your child.

A new study in ADHD has come out showing that chiropractic care can reduce attention deficit disorder.   Through manipulation of the nervous system in the spine of the ADD patient neurons from the spinal cord can travel quick and deliver somatosensory information to various parts of the brain which control different brain functions.   This quicker delivery has shown better attention spans in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder patients.   For more:

By Dr. J G Moellendorf, DC, ND, LCP
From Via Yahoo News

ADHD Treatment Breakthrough?

There is no standard definition or standard of treatment for ADHD. The psychologist sees a mental disorder, the medical doctor looks at a neurochemical imbalance, the neurologist perceives a brain dysfunction, and the teacher observes a discipline problem. Then they attempt to treat these symptoms from their perspective, while failing to see the whole picture. While each therapy has some limited success in certain cases, they are puzzled at their failures when extending their treatment to all cases.

It appears that there is a genetic connection to ADHD. If one parent has ADHD, 60% of the children will have it. If both parents have ADHD, this increases to 90% of their children. From the 1990 research findings of Dr. Kenneth Blum, the A1 allele of the DRD2 dopamine receptor gene on chromosome 11 appears to be the most frequent cause of ADHD.

For the full article please go here.

The correlation between increased neuron flow from spinal corrections and the reduction of ADHD symptoms shows promise.   Finally a way to treat attention deficit disorder that does not include ADD drugs.   If you are interested in alternative methods for treating ADHD, you might want to visit our webpage.



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