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After Trauma, Child Grief Counseling

Training in Child Grief Counseling:  Knowing the Signs of Grief in Your Child

If you would like training in Child grief counseling, then review

If you would like training in Child grief counseling, then review

Since the tragedy of Newtown, many parents are dealt the task of talking to their children about the trauma of the Newtown shooting.  The task of reassurance and the recognition of fear in their child is a top task.  The children of Newtown especially need an observant parent to spot signs of grief which could turn complicated if necessary steps are not taken. Child grief counseling may be an important step for many children in recovering.

PBS NewsHour addresses the issue of recognizing child grief especially after a traumatic event.  Hari Sreenivisan writes and videos Dr. Pasacreta about this in her topic “Recognizing Signs of Grief in Your Child, Helping Them Understand Tragedy”

Dr. Jeannie V. Pasacreta is a psychologist and resident of Newtown. She helps people deal with trauma, stress and even teaches others how to recognize the signs.

To see the entire article and video, please click here

If you are interested in learning more about child  and adolescent grief  counseling certifications, please click here and remember to keep the families of Newtown in your prayers. If you would like training in Child grief counseling then please review.



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