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Anger Management Training Certification Article on Workplace Anger

Good article on workplace anger and controlling it.

Please review our Anger Management Training Certification

Please review our Anger Management Training Certification

Please also review our Anger Management Training Certification

The article, 5 WAYS TO COMBAT WORKPLACE VIOLENCE, by Christopher Cheney states,

“New Jersey health system launches several efforts to prevent and contain workplace violence against healthcare workers.

Workplace violence is a widespread problem within the healthcare setting that must be prevented for the safety of clinicians and patients.

That’s why RWJBarnabas Health is taking a stand against workplace violence at its hospitals and clinics.

Over the past year, West Orange, New Jersey–based RWJBarnabas Health, an academic integrated healthcare system, has launched or enhanced efforts to curb workplace violence.

“Nurses, nursing assistants, and security guards are more likely to encounter violent behavior, but it is not limited to them. You can find violent incidents in all areas of a health system’s facilities,” says Nancy Holecek, RN, MHA, MAS, senior vice president and CNO of RWJBarnabas Health’s Northern New Jersey Region.

Data showing the impact of the health system’s violence prevention efforts is not available yet, but RWJBarnabas is currently collecting data to gauge the impact, monitor violence trends, and plan additional prevention measures, Holecek says.

“There are several indicators that we monitor related to our workplace violence efforts, including the number of reported incidences, employee health referrals, and medical claims data,” she says.”

To read the entire article, please click here


Please also review our Anger Management Training Certification

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