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Ask Amy: The Loss of a Pet


The family cat had to be put down, and it’s affecting the reader more than anyone else in the family.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

This is a short response to a woman who has lost her cat.  It is a simple response and advise column.

The woman is concerned why she is still grieving.  The loss of a pet is something worthy of grief and the woman is encouraged not to hide her grief, or put away the things that remind her of her cat, but to memorialize them.

Pet loss grief is a serious issue that many people are embarrassed to admit or one that sociey dismisses as irrelevant.  This is farther from the truth.

If you are interested in helping others over the loss of a pet, then please review our program.  The loss of a pet is something that should not be trivialized but something that deserves the ear of another.

If you are interesting in helping people overcome the loss of a pet, then please review our Pet Loss Grief Program.  The program offers core courses in pet loss grief to qualified professionals.  After completion of these courses, the qualified professional can apply for certification as a pet loss grief counselor.


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