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Avoid These Foods to Manage Stress

Picture of 3 apples

Manage stress with your diet. Eat apples instead of energy bars.

Wondering how to manage stress more effectively?   You could be doing everything in your power to effectively manage daily stress and yet still not getting your stress under control.   Reason for this might just be from your daily diet and your eating habits.   When you feel you are under stress, do you reach for salty, fatty snacks?   Do you grab the nearest energy drink?   Are you eating fried foods?   These could be reasons for an increase in your stress levels.   You could be making things worse and not knowing it.    For a full list of 8 foods you might want to start limiting or avoiding altogether please check out the article below.

By Carolyn Gregoire
From Huffington Post

How to Manage Stress with Our Daily Diet.

There are a number of unhealthy ways to cope with pressure and anxiety, but “stress eating” candy and chips — or turning to alcohol and energy drinks — might just take the proverbial cake. Paradoxically, when dealing with stress, the body frequently craves precisely the foods that will exacerbate the condition most.

“When they’re stressed, people go naturally to the wrong foods because they increase levels of [the stress hormone] cortisol,” Heather Bauer, R.D., founder of Bestowed.com, told the Huffington Post. “People tend to crave foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt because those directly increase our cortisol levels.”

For the full list please go here.

If you avoid these foods it is easy to manage stress.   Stress management after all is about making you feel relaxed and comfortable.   If a certain food is not agreeing with you and upsetting your digestive system then of course it will increase stress.    So next time you are feeling stressed out, reach for a fresh piece of fruit instead of a candy bar.   Your body, physically and mentally, will thank you.

For more advice on how to manage stress, you should visit our site.

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