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Bereavement Counseling Program Article On Couple’s Grief

Good article about how a couple grieves the loss of a child and how it is differently experienced.

Couples grieve the loss of a child differently. Please review our bereavement counseling program

Couples grieve the loss of a child differently. Please review our bereavement counseling program

Please also review our Bereavement Counseling Program

The article, “He Said, She Said: One Couple, Two Perspectives on Grief”, by  Alexis Marie Chute states

“This Q&A was an experiment. We endeavored to answer the question: What are the different ways men and women—and all people—grieve after the loss of someone they love? We quickly realized that was too ambitious a goal, and scaled back. Now, we hope to shed light on how we, us two specifically, grieved our shared loss of our son. Here’s a little background on us:

ALEXIS: My name is Alexis, obviously! I am an artist and author of Expecting Sunshine. Aaron and I have four children; Hannah is seven, Eden is four, and Luca is one. Our son Zachary would have been six, but he died at birth from a cardiac tumor.

AARON: I’m Aaron and I am the vice principal of a kindergarten to grade nine school. We learned Zachary would not live when we were about halfway through the pregnancy after having a routine ultrasound.

ALEXIS: The loss was devastating and encompassing. Marriage, too, was rough after Zach died, I’m not going to lie. We did, however, survive and are still married today—and are probably closer than ever. The stats say that around 80% of couples separate after the death of a child, which includes miscarriage, stillbirth, and early infant loss. In this experiment, we are hoping our experience can help other couples as they grieve side-by-side after a loss.

AARON: Our experience in grieving and moving through this process was wildly different from each other and there were days in which I did not think our relationship would survive. But here we are on the other side and now we are always willing and able to talk about our experience with anyone who wants to talk about it!

ALEXIS: We answered the following questions with just a few sentence answers and did not share our responses with each other until after. Let’s do this!”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Bereavement Counseling Program

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