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Bereavement Counseling Training Article and Sad Holidays

Grief rarely takes a day off, and the holidays are no exception.  Grief can overtake a holiday and make it a very sad day

Please review our bereavement counseling training

Please review our bereavement counseling training

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The article, “When grief takes a holiday” by Susan Shelly states

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year, except when it’s not.

The pervasive message during the holiday season is that we all should be merry and bright, just like the cheerful music and twinkling lights of the department stores we visit to find the perfect gifts for the people we love.

But, what if the people – or person – you love has died? What if there will be no gifts this year due to job loss or illness? What if the person you thought loved you recently requested a divorce? What if, for some reason, your child has denied you access to your beloved grandchildren?There are many reasons why we grieve, and we don’t get to pick the time or season that our grief occurs, explained Jill D. Snively, a licensed professional counselor who specializes in hospice, oncology, women’s health and grief and loss.Grief during the holidays can be exacerbated because of the stark contrast it holds to its glittery surroundings and expectations.”The commercialism and marketing of the holidays promotes family and being with the people most important in your life,” said Snively, a counselor at Berkshire Psychiatric, Wyomissing, who also operates her own practice in Shillington. “Everyone is portrayed as being happy and enthusiastic, and greeting cards and commercials promote the image of beautiful people surrounded by loved ones.”
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