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Bereavement Counseling Training Program

Respecting grief in the workplace can be a challenging thing for the employer as well as among fellow employees.  This article looks at some of these issues

Helping people deal with grief at work can be tough.  Please review our bereavement counseling training

Helping people deal with grief at work can be tough. Please review our bereavement counseling training program

Please also review our Bereavement Counseling  Training Program

The article, How To Respect The Grieving Process In A Diverse Workplace, by Gloria Horsley states

“When we say that everyone grieves their own way, our cultural background is part of why we see and feel it so differently. There are different responses, emotions and coping strategies. Various cultures have rites and rituals that have been passed down for centuries that are specific to the funeral and mourning process. Some have formal and private ceremonies while other cultures turn it into a public event and celebration of life. There may also be special days or expected gifts or condolences to deliver.

As we are all part of one global community, it is important to understand the cultural perspectives on grief that may be in contrast to our own long-held beliefs. By taking the time to do so, we can ensure sensitivity in our diverse workplaces and know how to address each person as they grieve in an appropriate way.

Here are a few tools managers and employees can use to give everyone on the team space to grieve.

Take The Time To Learn About Their Cultural Beliefs

You can research the subject or ask someone of the same culture what is appropriate. There even varied belief systems within the same culture. A simple Google search can bring up a host of information on various cultures and their beliefs about dying and coping strategies. Reading articles related to the religious and cultural practices can help give you more of a perspective as to why they opt to handle their grief a certain way. When you see a very stoic employee at work soon after the death of a loved one, you won’t be so quick to assume they are cold and heartless. Instead, you’ll realize that they may be holding it inside.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Bereavement Counseling Training Program



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