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Case Management Certification Article on Drug Prices

Good article for medical professionals as well individuals looking for the best price on the drugs they need for their conditions.

Cost of drugs can be draining.  Please also review our Case Management Certification

Cost of drugs can be draining. Please also review our Case Management Certification

Please also review our Case Management Certification

The article, How to know if you’re paying too much for that drug, by Jill Cornfield states,

“Filling a prescription is pretty simple. In some states, including Maine, Minnesota and New York, your doctor electronically files the order. Elsewhere you bring the doctor’s scribbled instructions to a pharmacist.

Except that maybe it’s not so simple. Maybe there is a cheaper medication available that would do the same job. In that case, why doesn’t your pharmacist tell you?

Because in many states, your pharmacist operates under a contract that forbids telling you about less expensive alternatives.

“Every time a pharmacist dispenses a medication, they know a lot about other medications for sale that aren’t necessarily related to that person’s health plan,” said Shawn Bishop, vice president of programs that control health care costs and advance Medicare at the Commonwealth Fund. (The Commonwealth Fund is a health care policy research organization.)”


To read the entire article, please click here


Please also review the Case Management Certification  and see if it matches your academic and professional needs,

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