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Case Management Program Article on Foreign Healthcare Models

Good article about foreign health care systems and what the US can learn from them.   Please also review our case management program from AIHCP

Good article on healthcare systems.  Please also review our case management program

Good article on healthcare systems. Please also review our case management program

The article, “Maybe it’s time for US to learn from other countries’ health care systems” by Nick Hoesl states

“Americans will always do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else.” – Winston Churchill

That statement uttered 50 years ago still rings true. Will this be the answer to the American health care system as it continues to fall behind? The World Health Organization has rated the United States 37th out of 191 nations in health outcomes.

The U.S. has the best educated doctors, nurses and medical technicians. We have the best equipped hospitals. We lead the world in medical research and developing life-saving drugs. Why then are we so deficient in delivering health care, spending twice as much as the rest of the world, abysmally poor in infant mortality, life expectancy and the ability to insure everyone?

I have personally witnessed a rock-bottom system when serving as a Peace Corps pharmacist in Afghanistan. I lived among those suffering from the poorest health and a life expectancy of 42 years. In seeking better health, we need to learn what other countries are doing. Not all agree on the same system, but they do have these similarities:

  • Everyone is covered.
  • They impose limits.
  • There is no profit-taking on basic care.
  • If insurance companies are involved, they are non-profit.
  • No patient is ever a victim of a medical bankruptcy.

The British system has been in place since 1948. Many outsiders believe their system is too close to socialism for American tastes. Hospitals are government-owned and doctors are salaried government employees. A big plus is their focus on preventive medicine. Doctors get a bonus for making patients healthier.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our case management program



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