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Case Management Program Article on Rising Healthcare Prices

Good article on the rising healthcare costs.  The rising prices for employees and their healthcare is always a concern by owners or healthcare facility directors.  The increased prices can be a big hit on any budget as employers try to reward their employees with the best care.  The raised prices in 2019 point to an alarming trend.  Please also review our Case Management Program

Rises in prices of healthcare is a concern for all.  Please also review our Case Management Program

Rises in prices of healthcare is a concern for all. Please also review our Case Management Program

The article, Cost of Employer Health Coverage to Rise 5% in 2019, by Kimberly Lankford states,

“This would be the sixth consecutive year with a 5% increase, with premiums and out-of-pocket costs for employees and their dependents averaging $14,800 next year. Fortunately, employers continue to cover 70% of that tab, on average, with workers picking up the rest.

Employers said that high-cost claimants, specialty pharmacy and the treatment of specific diseases or conditions (such as cancer or musculoskeletal conditions) were key drivers of the cost increases for 2019.

Most employers will continue to offer high-deductible plans paired with a health savings account in 2019, although fewer plan to offer it as their only option (30% in 2019, down from 38% in 2018). Such high-deductible plans have become the most popular insurance option. For 2018, 53% of employers said their high-deductible plan had the highest enrollment; 41% said that most employees opted for a lower-deductible preferred-provider organization (PPO) plan. Only 3% said that a health maintenance organization (HMO) plan was the most popular.

The average deductible for a high-deductible plan in 2018 was $1,600 for employee-only coverage and $3,200 for family coverage. That compares with an average PPO deductible of $500 for employee-only coverage and $1,250 for family coverage. Despite the plans’ difference in deductibles, the maximum out-of-pocket spending limits for the year were similar: an average of $3,500 for in-network care for employee-only PPOs ($7,000 for family plans) and $3,600 for employee-only high-deductible plans ($7,200 for family plans). Out-of-network care can have higher out-of-pocket spending limits.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Higher prices for healthcare is a national concern for both employees and employers and it is imperative that these prices drop

In the meantime, please also review our Case Management Program and see if it matches your academic and professional needs.


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