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Case Management Training Program and Healthcare Prediction Article

Good article for those interested in healthcare and certified case management.

Please also review our Case Management Training Program

Please also review our case management training program

Please also review our case management training program

The article, Predicting Patients’ Next Healthcare Moves: How HIT Stakeholders are Keying in on Advanced Population Health Management, by Rajiv Leventhal states,

“Population health is hardly a new term in health IT circles, but a recent report from Black Book Research has shed some light into how serious stakeholders are about being able to holistically under­stand patients as they move across the care continuum.

The report, which included responses from 140 chief information officers (CIOs), 159 chief financial officers (CFOs) and 448 hospital managers involved in planning and executing population health initiatives at their or­ganizations within the next year, revealed that in an ideal world, next-generation population health management systems will be able to identify a plethora of patient groups and predict where, when and how to best en­gage them. In addition, they should have the ability to coordinate care across the entire healthcare continuum, support care team collaboration and measure the ac­tivities, outcomes and overall performance of providers within the network, according to the report’s authors.

While many IT systems have long been developed with fee-for-service healthcare in mind, a shifting landscape (EHR) vendors to tap into new, non-fee-for-service teth­ered platforms for population health. According to the Black Book report, 90 percent of healthcare leaders said that future population health management systems will essentially be projected to perform as next-generation patient accounting systems. Said Doug Brown, manag­ing partner of Black Book Research in a statement that accompanied the report, “Some EHR systems have handled managed care for years, and those that have deep experience with capitation and managed care will be better able to translate that knowledge into value-based initiatives. Systems like Epic that were developed from the start as a single, longitudinal patient record spanning inpatient, outpatient, post-acute and billing will have the advantage.”

What might these “next-generation” systems look like and how will they be tailored to a value-based care environ­ment? Brown, who was also interviewed for this story, says, “We will have to start working on predicting all the coordi­nates of care where patients might end up and when and where they might engage.” He adds, “We have to support the collaboration from the differ­ent care teams. Did the activity happen? Was it ordered and not performed? What were the outcomes? How was the performance of the provider, be it a physician or an outpatient facility? All that data now has to be mea­sured, not for fee-for-service, but it now becomes all of these other data sources that need to be pulled in. So it becomes a patient accounting system.” Brown notes that Epic, Cerner and Allscripts, either via acquisition or through needs from other clients, “are putting funding into building what this appears to be.”

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Please also review our Case Management Training Program


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