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Certified in Healthcare Management Article on Population and Care Management

An interesting article for case managers on population and care management.  If you would like to become certified in healthcare management, then please review our program and see if it matches your academic and professional needs.

Consider becoming certified in healthcare management

Consider becoming certified in healthcare management

The article, Mind the gap between population health and care management, by Joe McDonald states

“As the U.S. healthcare system moves toward value-based care, population health strategies are being considered as ways to reduce overall costs of care.

But success for health systems will require a recognition on their part that a gap exists between population health and current care management. And in the efforts taken to narrow that divide.

In an Advisory Board study, experts analyzed a modeled capitated Medicare contract in which 5 percent of patients were high-risk, 20 percent were rising-risk, and the other 75 percent were moderate- to low-risk. The study calculated that if no care management were used on these patients, the organization would suffer a negative 8 percent margin.

Losses that large won’t slip by unnoticed.”


To read the entire article, please click here

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