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Child Grieving Counseling Training Article on Children the Forgotten Grievers

Good article about how so many times we forget children during family periods of loss.  Children need to be addressed in any major loss of a family.  Their needs and voices need to be heard and reacted to

Please review our Child Grieving Counseling training program

Please review our Child Grieving Counseling training program

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The article, “Children – the forgotten mourners” covers many things we need to realize about loss and children.  It states

“Children often do not know how to make their needs known or to articulate loss, according to Galway woman Mariel Forde Clarke, an holistic and spiritual teacher/trainer who will hold a two day workshop on loss and grieving entitled Loved ones – A whisper away with her psychotherapist husband Iggy Clarke on May 6 and 7. The event will take place from 10am to 5.30pm on Saturday and Sunday at the Croi Nua Spirituality Centre in Taylor’s Hill.

“Children do not have the resources or experiences to integrate loss into their worlds,” she says. “In their minds they often fill in gaps with thoughts like: ‘It must somehow be my fault’. Unfortunately a child’s interpretation is so illogical and irrational that adults never even think of it as a possibility.”

Children may also lack the ability to verbalise their emotions. “Since their lives are just beginning how can we expect them to understand life’s endings? Often the one person with whom they could most easily discuss their personal feelings is the one who has died, and sometimes the person who should be shepherding them through their loss is the surviving parent who is too often lost in their own grief. “

To read the entire article, please click here

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