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Christian Counseling and Key Fasting Concepts

Christian Counseling and Key Fasting Concepts

Christian Counseling sessions should pinpoint key elements of fasting.  The purposes of fasting involve a few key concepts. One of the first concepts is that fasting teaches the body self control and spiritually discipline. The second concept is that it is a form of prayer to God where one can offer reparation for sin. The self denial is the sacrifice to God.

When one fasts, it is a personal gift to God. It is not to be advertized or applauded but kept secret. Christ taught that one is to fast in private and keep clean and fresh appearances so that one’s neighbor cannot see the fasting. Christ promises great rewards in Heaven that are beyond the extoltation of man.

As stated in other papers, most fasting regards ordinary things that are beyond the extra. St. Ignatius gave reference to this and laid out the ground rules in his Spiritual Exercises where fasting can involve physical penance, eating or sleeping. On the other extreme, the simple daily offerings of St. Theresa the Little Flower give a host of examples of how one can offer the smallest sacrifice to God during one’s daily duty.

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Mark Moran, MA

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