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Christian Counseling Certification Article on Spiritual and Emotional Attacks

Emotional states of anxiety and stress are all natural reactions to many stressful situations but sometimes, they can have more diabolical meaning.  This article looks at five emotional states and if you are being spiritually attacked

Please also review our Christian Counseling Certification

Please also review our Christian Counseling Certification

Please also review our Christian Counseling Certification

The article, 5 emotional states that could be a sign of a spiritual attack, by JB Cachila states,

“The Bible says that the enemy, the devil, goes around looking for someone to devour. This vile, but utterly defeated, enemy of ours is always on his toes, searching for anybody who believes in Christ so he can attack him and cause him to stumble.

There are many ways to know if we are under a spiritual attack. One of these is the very emotions that we feel. We can know we are being attacked through the certain responses and emotions that we have.

You may not want to believe it, but we are constantly under spiritual attack. The Lord Jesus Himself said “I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it” (see Matthew 16:18). His words imply that as He continues to build us up and mold us into His own likeness, the enemy will keep trying to stop His work in our lives.

Thankfully, “not even the gates of hell” can stop God from doing His work. Christ already defeated the enemy. No weapon formed against us can ever prosper if we are in Christ.”

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Please also review our Christian Counseling Certification


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