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Christian Counseling Certification Program: Spiritual Direction and Child Abuse

 Christian Counseling Certification Program : Spiritual Direction through the Chaos of Child Abuse

Spiritual Direction of abused victims is a difficult path.  In some cases, in addition to Christian Counseling, the person will also require professional counseling to help the person overcome the trauma of abuse.  Below is an article from the 700 Club about the evils of abuse.


Keys to Powerful Living: Overcoming Child Abuse by CBN.COM

Breaking Through The Veil Of Shame

Silent, uncontrollable sobbing … Bruises and beatings … Shoving and slapping  … Children so traumatized they’re afraid of their own shadows. And the endless  string of lies … “He fell down.” “It was an accident.” But child abuse is no  accident. It violates God’s fundamental purpose for man. And parents and children  around the world find themselves ensnared in its cruel clutches.


When people hear the term “child abuse” they may think it only  occurs in under-educated, poverty-stricken families. However, this epidemic occurs  in all types of families.

In America alone, reported cases of child abuse exceed  1 million each year, and some experts say the actual number of abuse victims may  be far greater.

To read the full article, click here

Truly as one can see, the most demonic of all sins is abuse.  Abuse is demonic because it corrupts and it preys upon the weaker.

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