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Christian Counseling Certification: The Keys to Spiritual Healing

Christian Counseling Certification: Spiritual Healing Also Involves You



Spiritual healing involves not only the healing agent but also the recipient of the gift.  Christ never healed against one’s will, but required the consent of the person wishing to be healed.  In this way, three characteristics should be present in the person to be healed.  Besides the prerequisite of faith, the first step involves obedience, the second-change and the third-responsibility.

Rev. Cindyann Faubel discusses how prayer and healing takes place in these three steps of obedience, change and responsibility.

Now in this town of Jerusalem, by the ‘Sheep’s Gate’, was a pool. In Hebrew, it was    called “Bethesda”. At this pool, were 5 columns or porticoes in which people of all    illness stayed. Some were paralyzed, some blind, some with incurable diseases. Some    had life styles not acceptable to society.

On one particular day, Jesus had visited Jerusalem and went to the pool of “Bethesda”.    Jesus saw a lame man. The man’s appearance suggested he had been there a long time.    Jesus approached the man and asked him, “Do you want to be healed?”

What a strange question for Jesus to ask.. Jesus was the Son of God. Surely, God    wanted the man to be healthy and whole. Was this some sort of ‘cruel’ or insensitive    question? After all, who would want to be a ‘cripple’? Here begins the story of mankind   and divine healing.

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As seen, spiritual healings will never be denied to anyone who truly seeks them but one must be open to the will of God and view prayer life as a covenant and not a contract where God magically answers any call without any effort or faith on our part.

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Mark Moran, MA


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