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Christian Counseling Program and Advent Article

Good article for Christian Counselors and those seeking a more spiritual Advent in preparation of Christmas.  Please also review our Christian Counseling program

Advent helps us prepare for Christ's birth. Please review our Christian Counseling Program

Advent helps us prepare for Christ’s birth. Please review our Christian Counseling Program

The article, “Advent is an invitation to grow deeper in trust”, by Fr. Jeffrey Kirby

The article states,

“Today Christian believers throughout the world observe the second Sunday of the season of Advent. It’s a powerful time of anticipation that’s filled with multiple spiritual opportunities. In particular, as Christians reassess and reorient their lives to the Lord, they are invited to grow deeper in their life of prayer.

The interior life is not an easy task. It’s rewarding as it is humbling since it does not follow the usual procedural order of the material world. The life of the spirit follows its own order and one opposite to a mercantile existence marked by quid pro quo.

In order to grow in the spiritual life, therefore, the nature of prayer has to be understood. A person has to realize that in prayer she is addressing a God who deeply loves her and wants to be in a relationship with her. With this comprehension, a Christian believer should work to avoid any dabbling in pagan-like prayer.”

To read the entire article, please click here

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