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Christian Counseling Program Article on Millennials and the Christian Faith

Good article on Christian beliefs in the 21st Century and how the current generations have pushed away from their faith in Christ.

Please also review our Christian Counseling Program

Please also review our Christian Counseling Program

Please also review our Christian Counseling Program

The article, “Most Christians Have Experienced Spiritual Doubt; Millennials Most Likely to Question Beliefs” by  Michael Gryboski states

“A majority of American Christians admitted to having doubts about their faith, according to a recent Barna Group study.

Americans who self-identify as Christian or have in the past were asked if they “ever experienced a time of spiritual doubt when you questioned what you believed about your religion or God.” Barna found that approximately 65 percent of American Christians affirmed having doubts.

Forty percent said they experieced doubt but “worked through it” while 26 percent said they still experience spiritual doubt.

Meanwhile, 35 percent of American Christians said they never questioned their beliefs.

American Millennials who identify as Christian (38 percent) were more likely than any other generation (23 percent Gen-Xers, 19 percent Boomers, 20 percent Elders) to have questioned their faith.

The report attributed this in large part to Millennials being raised in a more pluralistic and secularized culture than older American generations.

Barna also found that Millennials were more likely than others to quit attending worship, stop reading the Bible, quit praying, and/or stop talking about spiritual matters with friends and family when going through doubts about their faith.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Christian Counseling Program

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