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Christian Grief Counseling Training Program: Embracing One’s Grief

Uniting Our Grief With Christ

As Christ embraced his cross, so must Christians embrace their crosses

As Christ embraced his cross, so must Christians embrace their crosses

Christian Grief finds its basis in the cross.  Unlike other escapist religions that hope to avoid or deny grief, Christianity accepts it.  Of course there is no joy in grief, but the Christian following the example of Christ, embraces their cross with love and elevates suffering to an all new supernatural level,


Whitney Hopler, a writer for crosswalks.com adds to how Christians can turn their crosses into blessings in her article, “How Your Pain Can Turn To Praise”

Editor’s note: The following is a report on the practical application of Michael A. Milton’s book,Songs in the Night: How God Transforms Our Pain to Praise (P&R Publishing, 2011).

Jesus said that we would all have trouble in this fallen world. So we expect suffering to enter our lives, but when it does, we often try to get through it as fast as possible rather than asking God what we can learn from it.

If you choose to embrace your suffering rather than running from it, your pain can turn to praise as God brings good purposes out of the suffering he has allowed into your life. Here’s how you can respond to suffering by inviting God to turn your pain into praise:

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Our Christian Grief Counseling Training Program is important for grief counselors who wish to counsel within a Christian light.


Mark Moran, MA

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