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Commeration of Loss: Memorial Day

Memorial Day Commerates Loss and the Grief Counseling Training Program

The remembrance of loss.  Please also review our grief counseling training program

The remembrance of loss. Please also review our grief counseling training program

While grief strikes down many in this world, healthy recovery and adaptation are common elements in 80 percent of the population.  Commeration is one such healthy practice of adaptation to loss.  Commeration does not seek to hide the loss or escape it but accepts it.  In this acceptance, the loss becomes part of one’s present life story in a healthy way without erasing the previous chapters.

Memorial Day is one such commoration tool that our country uses at a mass social level.  It allows a grateful nation to remember the valor and honor of pass war heroes but also allow families to proudly commerate the loss of their loved ones.

This allows the family to proudly remember and honor their loss loved ones but also allow society to acknowledge the loss they experience and thank them for their loved one’s sacrifice.  This is an extremely therapeutic for the individual and also very helpful at a collective consciousness for the nation.

So today, realize, that while watching John Wayne blast Nazis, or watching Clint Eastwood lead the Dirty Dozen, we are also remembering the grief of loss heroes on a universally social level.

God bless the United States and our fallen heroes, may their souls rest in peace. Amen.

If you are interested in the grief counseling training program, please review the program.


Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C

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