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Computers to replace Health Insurers? Latest Health Care IT News.

Innovative leaders in the Health Care IT field see, in the future, computers will replace most if not all of the insurances companies that act as middle men in modern health care.   By replacing these middle men, the whole health care process can be streamlined and ultimately more effective.   Matthew Herper from Forbes has more on the subject.

Using Health Care IT to Improve the System

“About a third of health care never gets to health care delivery,” he says. “Instead, it gets consumed in this high friction middle. I broadly envision a new middle that is a frictionless system. Instead of taking 20% to 30% of the dollar it should be operating in single digits. This should be consuming less than a dime of our health care dollar.”

Patterson is a Republican, and a believer in the philosophies of Ayn Rand who says both political parties “frustrate” him on health care policy. He says that he believes a pure single payer health care system would make America’s innovation engine go stagnant.

For the full article please go here.

Health Care IT

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