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Coping with ADHD – How ADHD Affects Women.

coping with ADHD

Women coping with ADHD can be a real pain. Learn more about it here.


ADHD often goes undiagnosed in women—which can be a huge problem when they get to the workplace.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Learn How Coping With ADHD Does Not Have To Be Difficult.

For some coping with ADHD can be a difficult task.   What happens when you never knew you had ADHD to begin with?    Women with ADHD make up the majority of undiagnosed cases of ADHD.

The reasoning behind this is because most girls do not show the generalize symptoms of ADHD that we think about when we hear ADHD.   As it turns out there are 3 types of ADHD a child can have.   There is; impulsive and hyperactive ADHD,  easily distracted/does not pay attention type and lastly there is a combination of the two.   Most girls fall in to the second type.    This leads to many cases going undiagnosed simply because they are not bouncing off the walls.  Lucky for those who were never diagnosed at an early age there is help!

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