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Crisis intervention Flashcards

Crisis intervention Flashcards

Study Flashcards On Crisis intervention at Flashcard Exchange. We can help you quickly memorize the terms and more American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Great site for those who are currently studying crisis intervention or currently in crisis training.    It is a simple site that allows you to flip between your crisis flash cards and flip them front and back.    You can even have a hint shown as well. Another way to make sure you retain your knowledge would be to apply what you learned to a real life situation.   Put yourself into the shoes of a crisis intervention specialize. 


Workshops for Autism, Crisis Intervention

Workshops for Autism, Crisis Intervention

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Great article showing how one county is helping the community be better prepared for crisis intervention.   When we think of a crisis, we automatically image a suicide jumper or a hostage situation.   However what happens when it is non-violent or a special needs child is involved? Special needs children can pose a unique problem for untrained officers and first responders.   Not fully understanding how someone acts with a mental condition can lead to misuse of force or unneeded actions.    It is important that crisis intervention programs also include non-violent and mentally handicap educational sections