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Do You Want to Become A Pet Loss Counselor?

Becoming a Pet Loss Grief Counselor

The loss of pet sometimes needs counseling

The loss of pet sometimes needs counseling

I think I am going to get certified to be a pet loss grief counselor. So many people have trouble when they lose a pet, though I think that many people feel embarrassed that it is hard to lose a pet. I know that when my dog passed away, I had a very hard time. I was at college, and my mom called to tell me what happened. I cried so hard, and I felt like I had to come up with a better reason for why I was so upset. Losing a pet can be very hard. Many times they are thought of as a family member, and when they pass, it can feel like part of the family is gone. It is important to work through this, and allow yourself to feel the grief that you experience. Having someone to talk to and help you work through this can be very helpful.

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