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Doctors Advise Against Adhd Medication

Have you been thinking about asking your doctor for ADHD Medication for your child?   You might want to think again and review some of the studies by neurologists and doctors on the side effects of ADHD drugs.   These ADHD Drug side effects can include insomnia, irregular heartbeats, drug addictions, and possibly seizures.  This is not a good way to treat ADHD.    The side effects can be worse than ADHD and longer lasting!   As parents we owe it to our children to search for better alternative ways to treat attention deficit disorder.   For a full report on the dangerous side effects of these medications please read the article below.

By Justin Caba
From Medical Daily

Why Doctors Advise Against ADHD Medication

In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that approximately three million kids were prescribed some kind of ADHD medication in the United States. That makes it the most prescribed medication in the country.

medical professionals standing around

Learn what medical professionals really think of adhd medication.

It is scary how depended we seem to be on ADHD medication to treat our children.   It might not be the easiest route to take but alternative treatments for ADHD are well worth the effort.   They are harder and take longer but the only side effects are they have are control over ADHD and love of your child.   Quit treating ADHD with a pill and start treating it with love.

If you have anymore questions about ADHD Counseling then please visit our page.

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