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For Adults with ADHD, College Can Be Tough!


WATERLOO, Iowa — Top-notch time management. The ability to multi-task. Proficient organization.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Going to College for Adults with ADHD.

Teaching ADHD students can be difficult because most of the time children do not want to be in school.   However how difficult is it when adults with adhd try to go to college?    College students with adhd have goals and dreams just like their fellow students.   Their ADHD however can cause their dreams to become nightmares.   A study from a community college shows that over 25% of their students have adult ADHD.

The heavier course load, lack of a support system and the new environment full of temptations can be too much sometimes.    It is hard to convert from having parents, teachers and other educators to having just yourself.   That is why under the Americans with Disabilities Act professors can give special accommodations to adults students with ADHD.    This can even the playing field and allow students to record lectures, have extended exam time and receive note taking assistance.    It is good to see that a disability such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is not excluding adults from achieving their educational goals.

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