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Grief Counseling Certification Program: Sunday Grief–New Book

Grief Counseling Certification Program: Grief and God

Renee Sunday's latest book, "Sunday Grief"

Renee Sunday’s latest book, “Sunday Grief”

While grief and the existence of God seems like a contradiction to most, spirituality finds God as a source of consolation to that grief.  God is not the source of grief but sin is.  Like Job, we must understand that God does not wish this upon us but only hopes to carry us.  In this we must submit ourselves.

Renee Sunday, M.D has just authored a new book on grief.  “Sunday Grief” looks at the inevitable reality of death but offers consolation through the way of God.  If you are interested in reviewing or purchasing this book, please review her site.  

If you are interested in learning more about Grief Counseling, please review click here

Please also review our Grief Counseling Certification Program

Our Grief Counseling Certification Program consists of core courses.  After completion of them, a qualified professional is eligible for certification.  Certification lasts three years and is renewed via academic and professional hours.  Among those hours include fifty hours of continuing education in the area of grief and five hundred hours of practical and clinical service which can also include teaching, counseling, reading and attending conferences on the subject.

If you are a social worker, nurse, minister, counselor, or other health care professional, you should consider enhancing your resume both academically and professionally with a certification from the Grief Counseling Certification Program.  With this certification you will be able to help others in your community and better be able to offer your organization services in grief.

In the meantime, thank you for reviewing the program and please if you have any questions, let us know and we will gladly get back to you



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