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Grief Counseling: Helping Patients Cope With Loss

Nurses deal with grief and loss on a regular basis.   That is why grief counseling should be part of their training.   Helping a patient or their families deal with the loss is an aspect of nursing that sometimes is overshadowed or never talked about.   Compassion and understanding along with being someone to listen can be all it takes.   In order to prepare yourself for these situations, you might want to read this article:

From Nurse Together

Grief Counseling: Helping Patients Cope With Loss

Coping with grief and loss is never easy but as caregivers, it is something we experience often when dealing with elderly patients. Throughout life, we all must face loss whether losing a childhood pet, losing a job or simply losing touch with a friend. But as we age, those losses become more significant and difficult to handle and nowhere is this more evident than in the clinical setting.

Healthcare professionals must be acutely aware of loss and how it affects older patients, especially when what is lost is often irreplaceable: things such as energy, mobility and cognitive function. Losing the ability to perform everyday tasks such as driving, shopping and paying bills can have a profound impact on one’s sense of self-worth, and it is not always easy for individuals to ask for help. Instead, caregivers must learn to recognize the signs of loss in order to help their patients manage it more effectively.

For the full article please go here.

A young man standing over a grave stone.

Grief counseling techniques can teach you how to ease the pain of loss.

Grief counseling is not easy.   Being a grief counselor takes compassion, understanding and a quick mind to know what to say when it is needed.    If you feel you would make a good grief counselor then you might want to visit our webpage.


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